Verification Platform

All digital verification needs for
your business,in single platform!

We strive to set the highest quality
standard in every solution we create.

Digital Onboarding

Acquire customers in a secure way on all digital channels.

Dynamic Flow Builder

Design unique verification processes for your organization with no programming effort.

Proof of Address

Check your customers’ address for accuracy, cross reference with databases and prevent frauds.

Verify with Agent

For extra layers of security, get help from human agents to tighten your funnels, decrease risks.

Built on Blockchain

KYX product family is built on blockchain with cross-chain support.

AI Powered

Systems we use are continuously being trained for
document detection, face recognition and other
possible fraud attempts of everchanging world.

ID Verification

All ID’s and Passports with ICAO standart ID’s and Passports recognizable and verifiable within our system.

Face ID

Ultimate Verification Platform can compare customer’s face with both biometric photo on the ID and biometric photo in the NFC chip.

Sign by ID

Use all ID’s with ICAO standards as signatures in your aggrement processes.

Risk Profile Management

Create different verification processes for different risk levels.

We always focus on the “next” great thing, pushing ourselves to constantly improve and learn


Compliant with regulations




Use case


Fraud prevention




Identity Wallet

All your IDs, diplomas, certificates,
health records, bank accounts and more

just in single app,
just in your control!

We strive to set the highest quality standard
in every solution we create.

ID Management

Import all of your ID’s and Drivers Licences with ICAO standarts to your D-ID wallet.

Health Record Management

Import your vaccine cards, health records and other medical data to your D-ID wallet.

Proof of Address

Uncomplicate the address verification process for every service that you use.

Instant Sign-Up

Use your wallet as your sole identity while registering websites and services on the web.

Age Verification

Verify your customer’s age with no doubts..

Asset Management

Connect and manage your bank accounts, credit cards and crypto wallets to your D-ID wallet.

Instant Check-Out

Stop struggling with different cards and security methods. Use your wallet to complete your shopping processes.

Digital Contract

Save and manage your contracts, aggreements with the power of blockchain.

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Block transactions made with
fake IDs!

ID Verification

All ID’s and Passports with ICAO standart ID’s and Passports recognizable and verifiable within our system.

Person Verification

KYX verifier can perform various functions to check validity of a person.

Verify by QR

Enable your customers to use their D-ID Wallet for ID and person verification processes in face-to-face channels.

Dynamic Verification Flows

Verify your clients, customers, employees, vendors with the processes that you created in Ultimate Verification Platform.

Liveness Test

Prevent frauds by ensuring that customers are truly present in front of the camera with the help of our passive and active liveness tests.

Role-Based Assignment

Create and manage user groups with different clearance levels relevant to your needs.


KYX Digital

The documents created by your institution,
are valid in the digital world?

Verifiable Document Creator

Equip your document creation systems with Verifiable Credential building abilities.

Vaccination ID for GOV`s

Issue your citizens with easily verifiable unique vaccine cards.

Digital Diploma

Connect your diploma services to our agent to issue diplomas in the verifiable credential format.

Profession Certificate

Present your students with certificates that are verifiable anywhere on the world and beyond.


Publish and distribute licenses with the provable validity everywhere on the earth and beyond.

D-Flight Pass

Integrate KYX agent within your system and create blockchain powered Digital Flight Passes.

Digital Contract

Create, share and manage your contracts, aggreements with the individuals in the world of verifiable credentials.

Health Record

Issue your patients with highly mobile and verifiable health records.

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