KYX Digital

The documents created by your institution,
are valid in the digital world?

Verifiable Document Creator

Equip your document creation systems with Verifiable Credential building abilities.

Vaccination ID for GOV`s

Issue your citizens with easily verifiable unique vaccine cards.

Digital Diploma

Connect your diploma services to our agent to issue diplomas in the verifiable credential format.

Profession Certificate

Present your students with certificates that are verifiable anywhere on the world and beyond.


Publish and distribute licenses with the provable validity everywhere on the earth and beyond.

D-Flight Pass

Integrate KYX agent within your system and create blockchain powered Digital Flight Passes.

Digital Contract

Create, share and manage your contracts, aggreements with the individuals in the world of verifiable credentials.

Health Record

Issue your patients with highly mobile and verifiable health records.

Do you need D-ID Enrollment?