Identity Wallet

All your IDs, diplomas, certificates,
health records, bank accounts and more

just in single app,
just in your control!


We strive to set the highest quality standard
in every solution we create.

ID Management

Import all of your ID’s and Drivers Licences with ICAO standarts to your D-ID wallet.

Health Record Management

Import your vaccine cards, health records and other medical data to your D-ID wallet.

Proof of Address

Uncomplicate the address verification process for every service that you use.

Instant Sign-Up

Use your wallet as your sole identity while registering websites and services on the web.

Age Verification

Verify your customer’s age with no doubts..

Asset Management

Connect and manage your bank accounts, credit cards and crypto wallets to your D-ID wallet.

Instant Check-Out

Stop struggling with different cards and security methods. Use your wallet to complete your shopping processes.

Digital Contract

Save and manage your contracts, aggreements with the power of blockchain.

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