About Us

As a part of DDTECH Group of Companies, we develop identity, document and object verification solutions thanks to our high security and ready-to-use technologies. Based in the IT Valley, the heart of technology-based deveopment in Istanbul, we offer end-to-end products and services that shape the future.

We aim to be your "Verification Solutions Designer" by simplifying the conceptual complexities of the digital world and making digital verification possible. Our main goal is to bring you together with the right solutions.

With the aim of being a pioneer and exemplary company to the society, we work and produce within the framework of the principle of sustainability and with full awareness of our responsibilities. We offer our products and services with an effort to contribute to social development.

Our Values:


We strive to set the highest quality standard in every solution we create

Continuous Improvement

We always focus on the "next" great thing, pushing ourselves to constantly improve and learn


We manage our relations with all our stakeholders and teammates within the framework of trust, honesty, respect and justice


We care about innovation and creativity


We attach importance to ethical values and work with a focus on people and service understanding


We ensure that all our processes comply with our sustainability strategy for a more liveable world


In the digitalizing world order, trust in internet-based companies, technologies, shopping and communication has been deeply damaged due to the attacks that have taken place since the beginning of the internet era in parallel with technological developments.

In today's world, it is natural to expect companies to improve their products and services in terms of security. Accordingly, the increased security expectations of end users are equally normal. As KnowYourX, we make the digital world safe for you by offering end-to-end solutions to verify identities, documents, and objects with high security technologies.